Hade Luxury Furniture Makers

The Hade Luxury is a Statutorily Registered Firm specializes in the Wholesales/Retails of Security Doors, Wooden, Steel Doors and their related Equipments for Interior Décor purposes.

Our retail system is well advanced and customer-friendly that we can have any of our product ready for you or delivered to you within hours (or even within an hour) of your order.

We understand the desires and expectation of our Business-Associates, Corporate and Government clients while also appreciating, that, sometimes things just need to be done with urgency. We are the best associate in the circumstances and you will not be disappointed relying on us.

Our business approach is simple and our products are of highest qualities which we can guarantee for a period of Twenty (20) Years standard.

At the Hade Luxury you are assured and guaranteed of Quality Services with the highest standards of Technical Support.

Our Quality Approach

Service is not only the customer of the company, but the end consumer. The practical application of the theoretical requirements required for the concretization of this understanding is an indispensable condition for the future of an enterprise and it is in front of all kinds of investments and earnings. Scientific, love and respect, discipline, accuracy, high team spirit, research based effort..

Our Mission

   A pioneer in expert quality. We realize your dreams with eye-catching designs.

Aesthetic and confidence address of spaces.

With years of experience, we bring you the quality produced from skillful hands.

Economic, fast and quality principle; the highest quality service, with the most cost-effective delivery as soon as possible.

We offer affordable payment options at low prices in order to remove the low security steel of steel doors from being a privilege.


To be a pioneering, creative, success-based, continuously developing and growing, respected and respected global organization that inspires other competitors in the sector.

In the services provided, the commercial gain is not based on cooperation and common knowledge.

To keep open the channels of dialogue with customers and the manufacturer in order to become a participant product provider.

To protect the socially active personnel infrastructure.

To apply methods that will enable the end consumer to raise their living standards in all kinds of supply and supply.

Hade Luxury Furnitures.